Wilbur the Beach Pig Remember When

Cover Page for Wilber the Beach Pig Children's BookWilbur spent his whole life on the beach. He had many adventures, some quite funny and others a little unfortunate Miss Heidi told and retold Wilbur’s stories to visitors and sailing students who came to the beach. Over the years the stories grew in numbers because amazing things can happen when you are living the beach life. You will laugh out loud when you take a moment to ‘remember when’ with Wilbur.




Watch Wilbur Antics



Wilbur, a big burly pig loved being around people, bathing in the sea, cooling down in the mud, and napping in the cool shade of a boat rack or a tree. His brown coat blended in with the mangrove trees along the beach. He often used the sound of the waves to find his way to the sea when he could no longer see. Being the eldest of the beach animals he spent a lot of time resting. You could often find him sprawled out on the sand snoring an afternoon away.