Crumb Bunch

CrumbBunchSimpleCoverIn a small courtyard on the Island of St Kitts, lizards skitter and pigeons perch. There are places for them to hide and leaves to blend in with, but if you are quiet and still and look very carefully you will see them everywhere. Meet Larry, Mr. Green and Percy the stars in The Crumb Bunch. Larry the Lizard has some explaining to do! He wanted to feel special so he told his friend, Mr. Green, a big lie. How can he get Mr. Green’s forgiveness? Maybe Percy the pigeon can help mend their friendship and make their group a trio again?


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Picture of a green lizard

Mr. Green

The smallest of The Crumb Bunch, Mr. Green finds comfort in the trees or hidden in plain sight. He can easily blend into his surroundings and is quick to move if he feels the least bit threatened. He doesn’t make friends easily, but if you are lucky enough to have him as a friend he is very loyal and a trustworthy confidant. He does not stray far from his territory so his friends need to come to him and can usually find him sunbathing in the afternoon rays.


A traveler by nature Percy the pigeon goes where the weather is warm, but he always makes sure to check in on the friends he has met when the time of year is just right. He gets ruffled around the feathers when his friends are hurt. He is strong and knows what is right and wrong. He likes to go above and beyond the call of duty and will find ways to make his friends happily surprised or feel good about themselves.


Many consider Larry to be quite a plain Jane of a lizard, but if you observe him closely you will see something quite spectacular that many miss at first, second, and third glance. His underbelly is a bright vibrant turquoise almost like a robin’s egg and a beautiful dark orange face that seems dulled in the bright sunshine of the Caribbean. If you take a moment to really look at him close you see not only his external beauty, but his inner beauty as well. He just wants to be part of a group, to feel loved, to feel special.